How it works

What are the benefits of getting reviews from customers and employers on

WorkAdvisor.Co serves many purposes. The main purpose is to be able to get recognized for your work. WorkAdvisor drives the recognition of your job performance back to YOU. For example, you are a chef at a restaurant. People love the food you make and rave about it. Who normally will get the recognition? The restaurant. With WorkAdvisor.Co those same people raving about the food can leave you a personal review. By building up your profile with positive reviews and ratings you are essentially building your work credibility up. You can now take this anywhere in the world and your talent will literally speak for itself through the reviews and ratings of your past customers and employers.

What Else Does do?

For a Business

It can be used as a hub for communication with your staff through the messaging feature. Send a group chat with email notifications to everyone in your employee contacts for a fast and accurate way to communicate and speak to everyone in your organization.

Ability to leave reviews for employees based on their job performance.

Making a Business profile serves as a cloud for your business with unlimited storage. Ability to upload work documents to share with employees, with the option of making them public (for all to see), private (for your eyes only) or accessible for employees associated with your company.

Ability to search for possible candidates for your business by searching keywords that apply for the available job position.

Send candidates a job request or a private message to let them know you're interested in hiring them.

Post photos and videos to 'Highlights' to showcase the work your business does.

For Everyone

Upload photos and videos to your Highlights page to showcase your work.

See where you rank among others in your category. Great way to stay competitive in your industry.

Share your profile with all social media platforms

Easily send messages to prospective employers when filtering through businesses in your industry.

Show your work history with reviews as your reference. Brings a whole new meaning to job references.

Powerful tool for freelancers and independent contractors, when ready to join existing organizations you can easily showcase work (Highlights) and your previous customer relations.

Get all the stars you can. We all know that you are the real star!

What is the purpose of the QR code?

The purpose of the QR code on your profile is for quick and easy access to your profile. Having the QR accessible (printed on your business card, saved to your phone's home screen, or saved to photos) will boost activity on your page by giving easier access for customers to find your profile and leave feedback and reviews.

How do I appear on the front page of

Profiles appear on the front page of WorkAdvisor through two avenues. The first is based on performance. The top 6 people in your zip code with the same industry will appear on the 'Top 6'. Top 6 are based on the amount of reviews and the overall score of your reviews. The second is through self promotion, you can find out more about this by visiting our FAQ's page.

Pay to promote your profile

You have the option for maximum exposure to pay to promote your profile. When you click the promote your page option, you can choose one of the 3 pre selected options to run your promotion or you have the ability to select a date range that fits your needs to run your promotion. Once completed you will be on the Featured section on the home page that has visibility from everyone visiting the site. When promoting your profile you will be selected and featured on our social media platforms as well.

Free profile promotion

Promote your profile free when you invite 10 people to ? and they successfully sign up. Your profile with be promoted on the home page for 1 month starting from the day after the the 10th person signs up.

Entering tags in your account settings

- To get the best search results from search engine, you need to enter all the keywords that apply to you in your industry or keywords that you would like to be found with if searched for. For ex: ( art teacher, pastry chef, sales agent etc ) Go to my account, professional skills and enter all that apply.

Additional Services serves the same purpose. Enter all keywords (tags) in addition to your professional skills that you may want to add for better search results.