- When setting up your profile make sure you sign up as a business. From your business profile, search the employee and send them a job request (by selecting the "+Job Request" button on the top right of the screen). Once the request is accepted by your employee your business profile will be "linked" to theirs.
- Once linked to your employees you can simply click on the "employees" tab on your business profile. Select the employee you want to review from the list of your linked employees. Then select the "Write Review" button on the top toolbar. Note the questions from your employer profile will be different from the questions from a non business sign up. The questions are from an employers point of view.
- You can share documents from your business profile that ONLY your employees can see by having everyone that works with your organization linked together. This is done by sending a job request to the employee and them accepting it. Then, when posting documents, you as the employer have the option of who can see the file. You can make it public, private (so only you can see it) or you can select employee. When selecting employee, any employee linked to your business will have access to that file.
-When posting documents, you have the option of who can see the uploaded files. You can make them public or private by making the appropriate selection. How do I make different folders for my documents and files? Click on the albums/documents button on your profile page.
- Albums are created depending on what industry you are associated with or the job you are linked to. Albums are updated only when you post photos in your highlights, only then they are placed in the album of the job you are currently working. If you are not linked to any job, it will be titled the name of the industry you are in.
- Profiles with a job request button are business profiles. As an employee you can click the job request button which will send the business a notification that you want to be linked with them (i.e. claim employment). If you are already an employee at the company they can accept your request and you will then become a confirmed employee. Your profile will automatically be updated to show employment at said business. If you are not yet an employee and you select the job request button the company will be able to view your profile and send you a message if they wish to do so.
- To delete your profile you must be logged into the profile that you want to delete. Click on "my account" then click "reset password" then click on "delete profile". This will delete your profile and it will no longer be visible to the public. If signing on again using the same email address your profile will be restored.
- The purpose of the QR code on your profile is for a quick and easy access to your WorkAdvisor.co profile. Having the QR accessible (printed on your business card, saved to the home screen on your phone, or saved to photos) will allow for you to boost activity on your page. You can easily ask for customer feedback and recognition by having them scan your QR code (using their smartphone camera) which will take them directly to the review page on your profile.
- Your employment work history will appear after your profile is linked to your employers profile. Once your profile is made you can search for the business profile you want to be linked with and click on the "Job Request" button. Once the employer accepts your job request you will be linked to them and it will appear in the Rating History section of your profile. Once your employer or anyone else leaves you ratings this is where you can find them. If you leave that job, you or your employer can disconnect you from the business profile. Any reviews thus far will stay in your ratings history under that company. When you link with another business any new ratings will fall under that new business. If you are a freelancer or an independent contractor your rating history will fall under the title of the industry you selected when making your profile.
- The top (six) performers get featured on the front page of WA based on the industry that viewer is logged in as. They are featured based on having received the highest ratings and the most reviews in their industry. The better your job performance and the more reviews you get acknowledging that the greater your chances of being featured.
Why would I pay to promote my profile?
-You can choose to pay to promote your profile on WorkAdvisor.co. This will include being in the featured section on the home page as well as features on WA social media outlets including, facebook, instagram and twitter.
How do I promote my profile?
- Click the 'promote your page' option on your profile (you must be logged in). You can choose one of the 3 pre-selected options or you have the ability to select a date range that fits your needs to run your promotion. Once completed your profile will be in the 'Featured Performers" section on the WA home page that has visibility from everyone visiting the site. During this time you will also be featured on our social media platforms.
How do I get promoted for free to the featured page and social media platforms?
- Promote your profile free when you invite 10 people to WorkAdvisor.co and they successfully complete logging in. Your profile with be promoted to the Featured Section on the homepage for 1 month starting from the day after the 10th person signs up.
- All credit card transactions are processed through stripe. See Terms of use
- Stripe FAQ's
-Tags are keywords that help drive and direct people to your profile. By listing all the words associated with your job and your professional skills you are maximizing the greatest number of ways for someone to find you. For example if using the words; chef, pastry chef, baker, you have now opened three avenues for someone to find you using any one of the listed words. The more "tags" the higher the possibility for being sought out.
Where and how do I add tags in my profile?
-Log into your profile. Go to 'my account' click on 'professional skills' and 'additional services'. Fill in tags by writing the word and hitting enter or adding a comma to the end of the word which will automatically enter it into your list. Think of this as 'hashtags' without the #. Note always hit save at the bottom of the screen when you have completed your list.